Sometimes the most powerful messages come wrapped in surprising packages.


The following is an excerpt from Fifty Shades Deeper:


Which was the message E.L. James wanted to convey to her readers?  Was it: “And they lived happily ever after,” “Eventually passion and love will win,” or “If we dream it, it will happen?” Or was her message something Deeper?

  • I like to think it's a love story with a kink about an abused boy and teenager who overcame his many, many demons thanks to love, patience, and understanding.  BDSM was just thrown into the mix to show an extreme spectrum.
  • How true soul-connected love can heal and transform.
  • I think she wanted to touch on the pain of abandonment and his childhood abuse to set up the parameters for his inability to recognize his self-worth.
  • I think she wanted to relay that with love and trust, even the darkest most wounded heart can change when a strong connection and patience is there.
  • The happily ever after!  How their true connection allowed them to cure the pain and abandonment they both suffered, and to deal with all the factors that surrounded them, such as their past and present (Elena, Ana's inexperience, etc.).  In a few words, yeah, they are soulmates and they found each other and they battled everyone and everything to stay together
  • The power of love will cast away deep demons.
  • I think that whatever our deepest wishes and obsessions are, love conquers all for the souls that are destined to meet and find each other.  The story shows that lasting love is possible.  It’s probable even.  But sometimes, you have to go through pain to find your true love.  Sometimes you have to fight for what you want.  Sometimes you have to change who you are.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice.  But when the pain is over, the joy is immeasurable
  • The power of forgiveness and being forgiven.
  • I think it was no matter how broken someone is, love can help repair that.
  • Even the most unlovable person can be changed by genuine unconditional love.
  • That we can only know we are truly loved when we share our darkest secrets.
  • Love can conquer the hardest of hearts if you believe.
  • That sometimes the knight can be saved by the princess.