Sometimes the most powerful messages come wrapped in surprising packages.

About Fifty Shades Deeper

Fifty Shades Deeper is a labor of love in its most literal sense. We are here because of our love – for Fifty Shades, for E.L. James, and for each other.  Captured over nearly two years of around-the-clock interaction and discussion, this book represents the community we have built.  It is not intended to force beliefs.  Instead, our goal is to stimulate thinking so you can formulate your own views. As you’ll see throughout the book, we encourage diverse opinions and love lively, deep discussions. (We like it DEEP!)

The book is over 400 printed pages of questions and discussion. Key themes include The Transformative of Unconditional Love, Abuse, Addiction, Soul Connections and Destiny, and many more.  

To read an excerpt, order the mini-sampler book or the full-size book, click here.