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Amber Joi Scott

Amber Joi Scott was born and still lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, with her loving, burly husband, her youngest daughter, and her many pets.   She has her accounting degree and has worked in the accounting field and transportation field for 32 years.  For years she loved crocheting and knitting, but due to health reason she could no longer do what she loved. She began writing in 2015 to find a creative outlay. She now loves bringing her characters to life and telling their stories.  In December 2016, she published her first book on Amazon about a mafia Don who is also a Dominant.  Bound to the Family is book one in a four book series.  She spent many hours researching and getting a better understanding of the BDSM community.  She has been told, from someone inside of the community that she had written her story correctly and they would have bet she was in the community herself. 

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The cover design for Amber Joi Scott’s books were by C.D. Rodeffer Designs, a design company that produces book covers, author logos, teaser banners, and teaser videos.  She believes in helping the struggling author with affordable book cover options.