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Amber Joi Scott

Amber Joi Scott, also known as the Wicked Writing Wench, was born and raised in the South with a snarky attitude and feisty kiss-my-ass mentality. Also, being a Leo, she embraces her loyal, energetic astrological sign. Amber Joi’s love for reading all kinds of stories led her to becoming intrigued with the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Deciding to research more about the BDSM community for her own book, she became appreciative for the lifestyle and what it means to a Dominant or submissive. Her first published book explored a BDSM relationship within the Mafia Family. She loved the story and characters so much that it evolved into a riveting four book series. As she continues providing compelling stories to her fans around the world, she hopes people fall in love with her writing and characters as much as she has.

Amber Joi lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley with her big, burly husband and her youngest daughter. Raising her children to be polite, hardworking, young adults is and will always be her biggest accomplishment. When deciding she needed a pseudonym, she decided to dedicate all her writing to her children by using parts of their names in her pen name, hence Amber Joi was born. She enjoys being part of the Fifty Shades Deeper Facebook Group and is happy to contribute her insight into the discussions, allowing her life experiences, as well as her perspective as a writer of hot, sexy novels, to lend a different point of view on a particular topic.

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  • Bound and Dangerous: Book Three in the Bound Series
  • Bound and United: Book Four in the Bound Series

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