Sometimes the most powerful messages come wrapped in surprising packages.

Kaydee Fergus

Kaydee Fergus is a stay-at-home mom who educates her two young children in her home in the Southern United States.  Kaydee has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and is a licensed Elementary and Middle School Teacher.  She and her husband, who were high school sweethearts, have been happily married for over 20 years.  She grew up in the center of the Bible Belt and stands firmly behind her belief that reading Fifty Shades of Grey can enhance married life for curious and/or stagnated couples.  Kaydee is adamant that reading FSOG changed her life and marriage for the better because of the message contained therein of unconditional love and feeling free to fully express love without reservations.  She has written many unpublished poems over her lifetime and hopes this book will become the dawn for future writing endeavors. 

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